The True Story

Welcome: Reminder, of this encounter, it's my best general and order recollection, however. I watched as GOD fell down from the sky to Earth to see me when I was 9 years old (I went out morning of that day to figure out improving on my passion, American Football. I wanted to make a basketball move so that that move will help me with outrunning other opponents on the American Football field, so I went on a grassy patch near my house and started testing on the grass to see the best movements on the grass to dodge an opponent like to try to out run that opponent, so once I figured a set of body movements that I liked and I went to the half court asphalt basketball court next to the grass. There I tried to figure out what I should do to mimic the on grass movements to a move that would output the desired dodging movements made on the grass. I wanted to make me a good runner against the American Football opponents. This move in my mind was something that can make me a better player than just practicing on the grass. So I eventually came up with a bounce at a particular angle generated by a particular spin of the wrist while skipping as the ball moves in the opposite direction of a normal between the legg basketball dribble, I was extreemly exhausted once I figured this Studder Skip Swing Basketball move out.) also, (Somewhere during this creation of the move I had the encounter with GOD, I only remimber he came while I was on the grass but I know I could have went from grass to asphault to fine tune things, also I was extreemly exhausted once GOD got to me). My first remark as I see GOD land was 'Oh! my GOD, GOD!' and, 'I'm only 9 years old!' GOD remarked "I thought you were older." And I further said 'i'm a minor and i'm not responsible to make any decisions', GOD said "that is not right your fully capeable." God then told me I am the only one praying right now, I replied 'ever or right now?' God said "right now". And GOD said, "I'm surprised you aren't asking me any questions about things". And I said, 'I dont know where to start.' Then GOD said, "don't ever forget that." God randomly said "I cant belive THAT did that," which left me clueless to what he meant. Seemingly abruptly GOD muttered "You can't delete a hash tag". God also said how long do you want to live? I replied 'Forever is a long time.' Then GOD said "that dad of yours isn't your father, I AM YOUR FATHER!" I stood there amazed. Soon GOD said, "The earth is still right now" and I remarked 'you mean nobodys moving!?' GOD remarked, "yes." Then GOD told me not to make a movie called Norbit, (In a tone that made me want to make it however, he said it in a caring condesending way, I had a mental block as I asked Reggie to make it for some odd reason. But during middle school I realy liked the word 'nor' for my name and BIT for the bits in the operating system that I exploited during this time. I felt 300 a copy for Windows would make Microsoft 1 trillion on that alone and that was not fair so I spammed AOL about what I uncovered, the discovery I spammed came to me in a voice during bed after 2 weeks of relently trying to find the bootup process of Microsoft Windows 95. Also, after GOD said not to make a movie called Norbit got eruptingly, in a deep tone said "AND DON'T MAKE A MOVIE CALLED THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL!". GOD also said and that I can only show the basketball move I was working on for over 10 hours before he came to one person who ended up being Reggie Bush. I inspired the movie as Reggie Bush, my friend in middle school wrote down the inspirations in his journal in honor of me showing the Studder Skip Swing basketball move he said he would make sure the Norbit movie is made. I asked GOD why I can show the basket ball move to only one person and GOD said "I dont want everyone doing that move, I don't want to see so many people in the NFL." (I within a short period of later time was practicing the Studder Skip Swing move at the basketball court in the section 8 housing I lived in, and 3 boys in the neighborhood strangled me till my heart stopped because I was reluctant to show the move and one kid ran home and brought his dad and he, Elmo revived me. The dad "Elmo" said after he revived me as I wake to chest compressions and mouth to mouth "GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND HAVE THEM CHECK YOUR HEART." I never did.) Also, GOD asked me "why are most people praying to Jesus?" then telling me, "you have to find a way to tell them, and you better start telling them before all this terrorism stuff starts happening." He said. This was approximatly in 1994 to rehitorate. Also, soon after telling me I am King, I remarked 'the world or what?' He replied "yes, the world." I also replied 'so i'm supposed to go around telling everybody I am King?' GOD said "yes they will believe you." God also said "don't do anything crazy". GOD did tell me that this encounter will hit me when I get older and not to write anything down, I asked him 'how am I going to remember this?' GOD replied "it will hit you later in life don't write it down." Then he said "let me show you something"; that is what I can't speak of. Also, During the encounter GOD asked me. "why are so many men not going to heaven?" I replied 'There is an HIV epidemic' GOD then handed me his throne and said "I'm handing you the cure, and don't go looking for it." I replied 'the disease or the cure?' GOD replied "both." So out of sheer force and strength and intimidation of holding the throne I threw it into the sky (It basically was very hard to hold on to). And we watched as it launched away, GOD replied "What am I going to do now?" I replied 'It will bounce back' and it did and then GOD jumped up and away.