King Norberts' Argument's for a fuel(gasoline, cellular etc.,) based vehicle

We are in a fight to run vehicles on the most environmentally friendly option

3-4 Years ago I did calculations that have led me to conclude the current KWH per electric and Gas MPG's converted into each environmental footprint in terms of newton of force for either greater for electric vehicles.

The Truth about Electric Vehicles:

Manufacture and Mining: The effort to extract elements for batteries; and the chemicals used to extract and its environmental impact. Along with land devistation. The other elements and chemicals used in the production process. The heat involved in all of these processes adds to the heat of the earth.

Battery Replacement: Replacing batteries and steps listed on this page must take again.

Recycling Batteries: Highly toxic effort/process that does not yield a fully reprocessed battery with lots of toxic byproduct and waste/ a lot of residuals and again is a big effort.

Landfill Toxicity to The Environment: Landfill old and/or recycled batteries lay there for an unknown period of time emitting toxic fumes and leaching into the earth.

Tire wear: Electric vehicles are very heavy and that increases tire wear and damage to roads.

Force to Move Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicles are heavy and it takes a lot of force to accelerate the vehicle, (refer to newtons second law).

Engine Coolant Amount, Temperature and Potential Toxicity: For example Tesla engines run with double the amount of coolant than gasoline engines, in addition they run at a higher temperature, moreover this can lead us to believe that this charactoristic means these coolants are more toxic as well, the more temp tolerance the more toxic particles needed in the coolants.

The Truth about Gasoline Vehicles:

Gasoline Vehicle Productions: In production there are more parts to a gasoline vehicle than electric. (Find the statistical difference between electric vehicles based on number of parts uses and function.) -More parts equal bigger enviornmental footprint ie bigger supply chain.

Pollution:Gasoline uses ethanol winter and summer blends and gives off pollution.

Refinement/Distribution/Production of Gasoline: Theres a production, refinement and distribution oh and also an extraction to account for and the gasoline and diesel that is used through out this process to get it to the end customers Vehicles.

Gasoline Vehicles are lighter than electric: Due to this less tire wear and less friction damage to the roads.

Gasoline Vehicles are Recycleable: Most of gasoline car get recycled.

Gasoline Vehicles Use Oil: Annoyingly vehicles use oil that is recycled but contributes to pollution.

Co2 Emissions for Plants: A lot of the emissions vehicles output is absorbed by plants that need it.

Do some calculations and see why gasoline/fuel-cell is better...