King Norberts' Argument's for The 21st Century:

*Revised due to a segregated World Space Force*

Article 1: WORLD SPACE FORCE OF LEADERS OF WORLD AND their CONSTITUENTS; so, the earth needs a WORLD SPACE FORCE, simply put. Simply Defined: Simple or Exact of.

Article 2: Alcohol; so, it is a poison, unless in trace amounts equal to or near .5 percent; that's 1/10th the strength/amount of a conventional beer like Kombucha; so, these are safe amounts and are considered safer limits.

Article 3: The Use of CBD Hemp 'As a mood relaxer'; so, Hemp flower that is less than .3 percent THC and ultimately absorbed by the blood stream and have on average of about 1/100 to 1/80 the amount/strength of THC as of a potent marijuana strain; so, these are trace amounts as in alcohol above in 'Article 2" and are considered safer limits.

Note: Safer Limits Defined for Article 2 and 3: Something that is more safe to use and does not pose a threat to the individual as opposed to the unsafer amount.

Article 4: Earths' Naming Convention also Known as Standards of Order; so, names of businesses and or entities should follow a principle of rationality, I.E. not naming a product the name of a fruit with a bite taken out of it when there are people on Earth that can't even afford that product nor the fruit. In addition the bite of the fruit draws even more hunger for the product, so this is not good ethics in the Earth's Naming Convention.