King Norberts' General Postulate for the Advancement of Polar Ice Cap Preservation and Wide Array Grasp Inclusion of Its Technology

*Our polar ice caps are melting rapidly is there a way to preserve them and gain from this technological adancement for mars and beyond?*

7-30-20 V.1.1 - Revision to the aformentioned postulate: Can we take air and ground water pollution and turn it into a battey yielding soil once the batteries are in net zero entropic state? Altogether during this process of creation of the batteries the yield in isotopes/radiation provide the filters for the polar ice caps shield. Can this all be done at the site in the air or should it be done fragmented on the ground? Can we somewhere in this process send the residual leftovers pumped into space, leaving for no contamination, so would this platform be ideal for being hovered above the ice caps during this entire systemic production? How are we going to pump the residual into space, how are we going to pump up the sewage/contaminants to facilitate this process? What is the best possible course of action to take in the goal of a battery that is made of pollutants and a ice caps shield that uses items of availability. And do we capture the co2 at the source or gather it from the atmosphere or both?

7-30-20 Postulates 1: V.1.0 Polar ice cap shield technology contingent with / world battery propagator / constituent formulations: A polar ice caps shield that pumps the excess current unattainable isotopes/radioactive material during conversion into space in the process leaves the goods in tact while the pumping into space (or can we use the excess isotopes/radioactive materials for the filter screens for the polar ice cap shield?) The shield will be made of material that allows for heat to be trapped to a minimal amount although providing animal life a sustainable amount of the light spectrum to live while preserving the ice caps. This waste water integration into the air pollution at the polar ice cap shield is pumped up to space during the isotope/radioactive material is dispersed or converted into the shield material during the pumping. Altogether in the process creating a battery of the integration of pollution and waste water with all the benefits the conversion process;, battery packs will drop down with a parachute into a basin. Can we later use these batteries for soil or to decompose as soil quickly least likingly with an additive? Sounds like a far fetched idea but it will help us discover technologies for a mars terraforming transformation and other planets beyond infinity. #buzzlightyear #mars #terraform #terraformation #spacex #blueorigin #nasa #nasajpl #worldspaceforce #worldsbattery #POLARICECAPS